Trend Digital specializes in post-production imaging services for ecommerce clothing and fashion retailers.  We are not open to the public.  Trend is a high end commercial level retouching studio founded and managed by an industry leader in digital imaging and post production for the fashion industry.

What sets us apart from other off shore imaging services is that we manage our own team of digital artists in our state of the art facility in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.  We are not middlemen who outsource the actual work to companies in India and China.

Our corporate clients are assigned a dedicated team of digital artists that are trained on the specific requirements of their brand and a brand manager that is always available to address anything related to their brand.  With Trend, you have your own team that only works on your brand…just like having an in house digital artist team…but at a fraction of the cost.

The founder of Trend Digital, Wesley Thornberry, designed the User Interface for the initial Old Navy and Banana Republic ecommerce websites and created and refined the post-production imaging processes for all Gap brands over 18 years before launching Trend Digital.

Our clients include top fashion and clothing retailers in the USA, EU, Canada, Mongolia and Japan.

Trend provides basic retouching services including:

  • Simple clipping paths
  • Complex clipping paths
  • Clipping path with hair masking
  • Simple clean up

Trend is the industry leader in proving complete imaging retouch services that include:

  • Art Director retouching markups
  • Clipping Paths
  • Clean up
  • Silhouetting
  • Product Color
  • Skin tone

We will provide you with professionally completed images ready to go live on your site or to be used by your graphic designers at a fraction of what an in house digital artist team costs your company.

With our proprietary production and post production processes developed over 18 years we can enable your company to outsource all of your imaging.

Trend Digital offers consulting services to enable all of your company’s photography post-production to be entirely completed in our digital arts studio in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.  With our unique photography production processes developed over 18 years, we will